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Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific (PSSAP) provides a wide range of cutting edge business products and solutions, from world-class broadcasting equipment, interactive displays and projectors, to state of the art unified communication systems, rugged notebooks and tablets.

No matter how big your business or organisation, Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific provides specialist equipment that allows you to capture, compute and communicate every piece of visual, voice and text-based data within your business. Panasonic is committed to developing unique and accessible ranges of business products and systems, all with multi functional design and with advanced features at the heart of every product.

And the results our customers achieve with this technology are quite amazing. As world #1 in high-brightness projectors, we helped create the world’s largest ever projected image in Moscow. 1 in every 6 calls made by small businesses are routed via our telephone systems. We lead the world in rugged computing, with the German Ski Association relying on our support to succeed in extreme temperatures. Our security cameras meant the Sochi Winter Olympics were the best-protected ever. And our broadcast technology brings the drama of El Clasico to millions of global fans.

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Panasonic: experts in providing specialist technical solutions for business

With over 50 years of experience across a range of technical business sectors, our solutions divisions cover all your business needs; Computer Product Solutions provides Toughbook and Toughpad - a range of rugged laptops and tablets; Office and Communication Solutions offers a comprehensive range of scanners, printers and fax, HD video conferencing equipment, and PBX / SIP telephone systems; Professional Camera Solutions offers comprehensive solutions in the Broadcast & ProAV and Industrial Medical Vision (IMV) areas. Broadcast & ProAV offers a wide range of innovative and high quality products, including 4K technology, remote camera solutions and a new generation of VariCams; Industrial Medical Vision (IMV) provides ground breaking advances for such segments as medical, life science and industrial. Security Solutions seamlessly safeguards your business operations through a wide range of industry leading products such as 4K cameras, video management software and video intercom. Visual System Solutions combines quality and market leading technology in its projectors and professional displays.

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