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Panasonic answers SME’s call for budget friendly phone

Panasonic has launched a new low cost, smart IP desktop phone with a host of value adding features at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona.

Designed to suit businesses that require a flexible but budget friendly communication solution, the KX-HDV130 series makes business grade communications more accessible to SME’s.

It achieves long-lasting cost savings due to its ease of installation, low power consumption and low maintenance.

Panasonic Marketing Manager for Communication Solutions, Carlos Osuna, explains, “The KX-HDV130 represents the next generation in terms of business-focused IP desk phones.

“Building on the outstanding success of the KX-UT113/123 phones, this new offering delivers Panasonic’s signature quality that’s long been proven in the PBX sector, delivering the same balance of low cost of ownership and high quality, alongside a range of value-adding features.

“This phone is a clear demonstration of our commitment to provide quality, affordable communications solutions in Europe.”

The new phones have a variety of features including HD sound with wideband audio as well as a full-duplex speaker phone, contributing to clear voice communication. They also feature two SIP accounts and two LAN ports and can be powered over Ethernet.

The KX-HDV130 is the first in a wide range of Smart IP desk phones that Panasonic will be introducing over the coming months, from the standard model HD device, to desktop phones capable of providing colour-video communications.

“The full range will ensure that whatever the size and complexity of the business, there will be a Panasonic solution for your needs,” Carlos Osuna continued.