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Speedy scanner named editor’s choice

Panasonic’s new KV-S10X7 series of high speed duplex scanners have been picked for Print It Reseller magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award.

Launched in November, the two new high-speed desktop scanners can process numerous documents of different thickness and size at the same time.

“We’re delighted that the new scanners have received the Editor’s Choice award,” said Panasonic UK Marketing Manager, Lucy Meredith.

“The KV-S10X7 series has proved to be the fastest desktop scanner in its class, as well as being able to hold the most documents for scanning at one time. Alongside that, its stylish, compact design makes it a great desktop scanner.” Lucy continued.

With high-speed duplex scanning, the KV-S1057C can scan 65 pages per minute whilst the KV-S1027C can scan 45 pages per minute.

100 sheets can be placed on the automatic document feeder using a gate mechanism which avoids paper feed problems and skewing.

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