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Panasonic launches UT670 Smart Desk Phone

Panasonic is delighted to announce the release of the new, KX-UT670 Smart Desk Phone

This advanced SIP device represents the high-end of the Panasonic SIP terminal range, bringing advanced features and functionality to today’s sophisticated business desktops. 

The UT670 adds a high end, executive model to the existing KX-UT range of SIP terminals, which now includes offerings at all levels of functionality and price, with all models sharing ‘best in class’ high definition voice quality. The KX-UT113 and KX-UT123 basic SIP terminals offer solid functionality with competitive pricing, while the KX-UT133 and KX-UT136 business desktop terminals offer enhanced features such as programmable feature keys, with the same great reliability and sound quality.

At the core of the Panasonic UT670 is a high quality SIP telephone device offering best in class Wideband HD audio with extensive CODEC support including wideband G.722, backed up by a high quality, full duplex speakerphone. However, there is much more to the UT670 than just phone calls!

With a Linux based, programmable Operating System, The KX-UT670 goes well beyond the standard SIP phone feature set. It boasts a broad range of features making it suitable for use with on-premises PBX systems and cloud based telephony systems - the UT670 is certified for use with Asterisk and Broadsoft Broadworks, ensuring compatibility with popular industry telephony solutions.

In addition to an impressive range of built-in applications such as a web browser, calendar, email client, contacts manager and network camera control, the UT670 can run custom applications, which can be developed with freely available open source software development tools. This means it can be customized to become a fully fledged applications platform that can be optimized for a wide range of specialist vertical applications. 

The 7 inch WVGA touch screen with its simple, intuitive Graphical User Interface provides an ideal user platform for custom productivity applications, including H.264 video streaming and network camera compatibility for excellent multimedia application support.

Network connectivity is provided in the form of twin Gigabit Ethernet ports with support for Power Over Ethernet, which allows for a single Ethernet cable to the desk for both power and network access.

Standard telephony features are well catered for. The UT670 supports up to 6 SIP registrations, with up to 24 programmable flexible keys and 32 ringtones, including tones from music files stored on SD card. 

The Panasonic KX-UT670 brings advanced ‘smart phone’ functionality to the desktop – bringing together all the features of an advanced SIP telephone terminal with the programmability and flexibility today’s users demand for access to network and cloud based services.

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