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Rugged USB Keyboard

Compatible with all Toughbook and Toughpad products with suitable USB port.

Ideal for mounting into vehicles and other hazardous environments where you need a keyboard to perform to the same levels of the Toughbook or Toughpad.

Please note there are 3 different language versions currently available :

Panasonic Part Number: PCPE-MMRK01E – English keyboard layout
Panasonic Part Number: PCPE-MMRK01F – French keyboard layout
Panasonic Part Number: PCPE-MMRK01G – German keyboard layout

  • Rugged, durable and dependable design and construction
  • Silicone sealed & lockable for easy cleaning and security
  • Easily cleaned with a moist wipe, soap & water, disinfectant or <10 % bleach solution
  • Fits most standard mounting systems
  • Excellent tactile feedback
  • Lockable for easy cleaning
  • Variable red backlighting

Lead Time:  Please contact Panasonic
Warranty:  5 Years


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