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Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Rugged Tablets

The complete range of professional rugged Windows & Android tablets

From 7” right up to 10.1”, the TOUGHBOOK range of fully ruggedized tablets, heavy-duty has every angle of working life covered.

With tablets and handheld devices increasingly the form factor of choice for professionals today, many IT purchasers are left asking, “Which tablet is right for me and my business?” Often, people fall into the trap of choosing a consumer device, through familiarity. But those devices aren’t designed for the workplace and the challenges it brings.

So downtime and unnecessary costs are often the result.

With TOUGHBOOK tablets, things are different. Each is designed specifically for professional life in numerous specialist sectors, including manufacturing, military, logistics, retail, warehousing, transport, industrial, and the emergency services. Understanding what organisations in these fields need from their technology, we have developed a complete range of mobile devices that are ‘rugged from the inside out’ and ready for whatever comes their way.

No matter how extreme.


Class-leading capability across the range 

Every tablet in our rugged line-up is built for a specific purpose, without unique features and capabilities. You will, however, find some common characteristics across the range that set us apart from other industrial grade devices.


Fully rugged toughness

TOUGHBOOK tablets can with stand drops from as high as 1.8m, and carry MIL-STD certification, a US Military Standard, and IP67 ratings. 


Outdoor readable screens

The latest screen technology means that your tablets are not only capable of withstanding bumps and scrapes, but they can also be used in direct sunlight or poor outdoor lighting conditions. Their capacitive 10-finger multi-touchscreens can even be operated by users wearing work gloves.


Long battery life

Thanks to hot-swap and warm-swap options, battery life can be extended way beyond full-shift working.


Connectivity and configuration your way

World-class connectivity means your mobile teams have constant access to their data and mission-critical systems and applications. And flexible design options mean you can choose to configure your rugged tablets in the way that suits your operations precisely.


Integrated innovation

Some tablets in the range feature the very latest in technological innovation, such as the integration of thermal imaging cameras and Intel’s RealSense 3D measuring solution.


Specialist accessories to complete the picture

TOUGHBOOK rugged tablets are also supported by a full range of accessories to maximise their productivity. That includes specialist vehicle mounts – that can be designed for your exact requirements – to keep your mobile workers productive when they’re out and about.