• Your eyes at night

Your eyes at night - Delivering HD video in the dark

In the darkness, everything looks different. A dark environment offers plenty of opportunities for interesting camera shoots - especially when it comes to reality shows. 

It can be challenging to get vivid and crystal-clear images with a camera when it is pitch black.  Ulrik Samuelsen is  the CEO of Best Broadcast Hire (BBH), which delivers broadcast equipment for reality shows. He claims Panasonic has solved this problem with a professional remote camera

"When we shoot reality TV, such as Big Brother, it is important that our cameras are discrete, quiet and disturb the natural interaction between participants as little as possible.

"Moreover, the image quality is crucial, especially when we have to film in the dark. Earlier, that would have been a challenge for our equipment," says Ulrik Samuelsen, CEO of BBH, a globally established company in the field of technical equipment for digital movies and television production in HD. 

"We have invested in around 60 Full HD Panasonic surveillance cameras - presently the best remote cameras in the market. Thanks to the HD resolution and an efficient infrared function, the quality of the video is very high, even if taken in total darkness. It does not take long to install the cameras and it is super easy to remotely control them," says Ulrik Samuelsen. 

The company has just started filming a brand new reality show in Costa Rica, using 20 AW-HE60 cameras. As the programme is still in its infancy, BBH cannot reveal more details about the upcoming show. 

Bringing home what burglary feels like

Together with the advertising agency Entrance, BBH also recently produced a commercial for a Danish insurance company, Codan, demonstrating what  a home break-in feels like. 

They made a family watch a simulated burglary in their home at night from a distance (pictured) using five Panasonic remote cameras. It gave the family chills and a deep feeling of discomfort.

Panasonic remote cameras

Panasonic provides a comprehensive range of remote camera systems that facilitate superior HD and SD, indoor and outdoor video production, even in difficult shooting conditions.  

The range includes ultra-wide angle cameras, convertible HD models, indoor and outdoor pan-tilt heads, industry leading integrated PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras, plus multi-function high-performance, pan-tilt controllers suitable for all professional and broadcast applications. 

From panoramic shots of a sports field to close-up animal observations, indoor arenas to outdoor news and events, Panasonic has created a precision remote camera solution. 

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