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BPM has become one of the first companies in Europe to sell Panasonic's AK-UC3000 4K studio cameras in a deal struck with vision tools, a dry-hire rental company based in Hamburg.

The deal has strengthened the rental company's existing portfolio, while BPM has underlined its consulting expertise.

The sale of the Panasonic AK-UC3000 marks yet another milestone in the long-standing business relationship between vision tools and BPM. vision tools recognised the customer need for 4K at an early stage and turned to BPM to find out more about the benefits and future viability of this technology.

The Panasonic AK-UC3000, which was presented in Europe for the first time at the IBC 2015, quickly emerged as the front-runner during the consultation process. vision tools particularly liked the camera's ability to produce both 1080/50P and 4K images. With the UC3000 series system camera, vision tools can satisfy the requirements of customers in the live production sector for years to come.

Stephan Schlüter, CEO of vision tools, said of the company's decision: "We have waited a long time for a camera equipped with the technical specifications and features of the AK-UC3000. We have been delighted with the Panasonic HD system cameras presented to us by Mr. Bruhse over recent years, and had complete confidence in the new product. Thus we went ahead and ordered the cameras from BPM in 2015 without even setting eyes on them."

Lars Bruhse, a key account manager at BPM, said of the AK-UC3000's future: "With the UC3000 series 4K system camera, you can secure your future for a price only moderately higher than that of the established HD system cameras. I think the UC3000 series will rapidly capture a considerable share of the market. This view is endorsed by the large number of binding advance orders."

For more information on Panasonic broadcast products please visit: https://business.panasonic.sg/professional-camera/products-and-accessories/broadcast-and-proav

You can find out more about BPM online at: www.bpm-media.de