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Panasonic AVC Ultra-LongG sees complete end-to-end Avid workflow support

Panasonic and Avid® have announced the industry’s first complete end-to-end workflow support for the AVC Ultra-LongG video format, allowing producers and broadcasters to benefit from Panasonic’s highly efficient compression system whilst continuing to use the same streamlined workflows they are used to.

Many news organisations and broadcasters shoot in the AVC Ultra-LongG, as it provides high quality media with half the bit rate and storage, meaning broadcasters can achieve file transfers in half the time, and twice as many streams in the same network environment.

Using comprehensive Avid MediaCentral™ Platform support, production teams can now benefit from this modern, highly efficient compression system in the most efficient way using streamlined and highly integrated workflows.

The workflow includes full integration with solutions across the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Early July saw the release of the latest version of Panasonic’s P2 Plugin 4.7, giving much improved performance when used in combination with Media Composer® 8.6. It allows native media and metadata access for P2, DVCPRO HD and AVC-Intra.

The newly launched version of Interplay®3.6 also gives the functionality of transcoding between AVC-LongG and a number of other formats. In addition, Avid’s AirSpeed® 5500 video server also now features the Panasonic LSI Codec, ensuring full compatibility whilst minimising quality degradation.

Avid’s unique splicing capability of AVC Ultra-LongG streams is an industry first and allows for changes to be made to existing sequences without requiring a full re-encode upon playout or consolidation.

“What this means for our broadcast customers is dedicated support for the industry formats that they use everyday,” said Alan Hoff, vice president, Market Solutions at Avid. “By integrating AVC Ultra-LongG into the Avid MediaCentral Platform we can also provide the most efficient, high performance news workflow available today.”

Kunihiko Miyagi, executive vice president of Cinema and Broadcasting, Imaging Network Business Division, Panasonic Corporation, said, “This seamless integration with the Avid MediaCentral Platform means customers can safely replace old camera inventory without risking interruption to well-established operational practices.”

For more information on Panasonic’s range of Broadcast & ProAV products, please visit: https://business.panasonic.sg/professional-camera/products-and-accessories/broadcast-and-proav


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