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Tourism Techonology Asia and Pro AVL Asia 2016

Event Date: 
20 July 2016 to 21 July 2016

Building on the vast experience as the technology partner for world renowned sporting events, iconic theme parks and countless broadcast stations, Panasonic brings forefront technology and practical end-to-end solutions to the vibrant entertainment industry in Asia.  

For the first time in Asia, Panasonic Business team will be running an actual “live” event within the exhibition. “We want to share our experiences not only with our customers but also key players in the Asia region. And through this live event, we can bring to life what it means to have Panasonic as your partner – from an intimate gallery exhibition to large scale concerts or even an international tournament,” said Mr William Chan, Head of Entertainment Solutions Group, PSSAP.  

  • Enhance visitors’ experience – Visitors will be awed by the visual experience delivered on our 4K camera and display products 
  • Improve event set-up efficiency – Panasonic’s product design and our dedicated engineering support help organisers to reduce resource intensive set-up time  
  • Integration flexibility – Panasonic products are made to be compatible with many other Pro AV equipment commonly used in the industry 
  • Peace of mind for event organisers – Panasonic brand is built on high quality products that are vigorously tested to maintain high level of reliability 
  • Widen your reach – Bring your event out of the physical location to a wider audience with our live streaming and broadcast solutions 
  • Visitor safety – With impending threats of attacks from extremists, Panasonic surveillance system and crowd monitoring systems ensure visitors’ safety is not compromised.

Visitors will be treated to a first-hand experience of a “live” event which will be broadcast on Panasonic Asia Youtube channel from 10.00am to 6.30pm local Singapore time. Look out for some of the key product highlights that visitors can expect to see at Panasonic Booth.  

Ultra Bright 4K+ Laser Projector 
The new 3-Chip DLP™ 4K+ SOLID SHINE Laser projector, PT-RQ32K, comes in an impressive 27,000 lm maximum brightness (center-screen) at 5120 x 3200-pixel (4K+) resolution. This all-in-one solution incorporates unique pixel-shifting Quad Pixel Drive technology and enables flexible projection by supporting existing Panasonic optional lenses and advanced image-adjustment capabilities. The need for custom mounting-frames has also been eliminated with frame-free stacking or i-bolt rigging, reducing overall weight for easier transportation and temporary multi-projection mapping applications at large events.  

Signage Display with Light ID Transmission Technology 
Panasonic has developed a unique Light ID transmission technology that transmits mobile content to smart devices through an app. By opening the app and pointing the camera on your smart device at the Light ID enabled LED light source (e.g. digital displays, signboards and spotlight), users can receive the associated mobile content instantaneously. The 55-inch LED LCD display with brightness of 700 cd/m² is suitable for digital signage, museum and retail use.

Multi-Camera Systems 
Broadcast latest range of 4K products and solutions include new 4K studio camera system AK-UC3000, IP remote camera AW-UE70 with Control Assist Camera which allows wireless control from IPad and 4K compatible switcher AV-HS6000. The products are interoperable and support flexible and intuitive operation for professional users in a time and resource demanding environment, such as live video production and video streaming on social media.  

IP and Remote Camera Solution 
AW-HEA10, the Control Assist Camera, supports flexible and intuitive operation of a HD Integrated Camera by allowing wireless control from an IPad. A 1/4.37 type 3.91 megapixel MOS sensor and a single-focus 95° horizontal ultra wide angle lens enable wide and clear overview shots to assist control of HD Integrated Cameras. With its flexible setup with two colours to choose from and low installation cost, this solution is suitable for live events scenarios.  

Security Surveillance  
Panasonic has recently launched the new Video Insight video management software (VMS) technology, integrating powerful enterprise features and cost efficiency in one robust system. Harnessing the capabilities of pure 64 bit VMS, Video Insight optimises your hardware and allows endless scalability and centralises administration for the end user.  Advanced surveillance features eliminate uncertainty and improve response times.  Every feature provides direct user benefits to the overall surveillance operation. 

TechCQ for Crowd Control 
TechCQ, Technology is a Smart Queue Monitoring System that uses Panasonic advanced video analytics technology to do human and taxi counting at taxi stand. The system is able to determine the length and flow of the taxi queue in real-time and monitors taxi queue status and information such as taxi flow rate and commuters' average waiting time. This information will be made available to both the taxi operators and the public commuters. Potential commuters can decide whether to join the queue at the Taxi Stand or opt for alternative transportation method.  

“Our core strengths in the industry are in-depth understanding of the customers’ pain points and strong technical know-how and support to enable organisers run events seamlessly. That is why Panasonic has established a long-standing network of partners who have grown with us from strength to strength,” said William Chan, “Panasonic Business is more than just the hardware, our efforts behind the scenes have created many memorable experiences for the visitors to these events, as well as long term sustainability of the industry.”

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