Key features:

  • 9 network cameras can be connected and recorded as default (expandable up to 32*)
  • H.264 and JPEG multi format
  • Simple and quick setup in 4 steps by automatic camera detection and simple setup wizard without the use of a PC
  • Double HDMI output @ 1080p
  • Transcoding function for easy remote monitoring
  • Live image compensation on the recorder for 360º cameras fisheye recording

The WJ-NV300K/GJ makes the IP recording simple and flexible thanks to the easy and intuitive GUI and expansion options.

Live and recording at real time (30fps) in all the channels. The operation of the cameras can be handled easily, monitoring in live various display modes: Spot, Multiscreen (4 / 16 split screen display, 4 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 16 / 24 / 32 * split screen display on a full screen) and searching the recordings with a calendar and timeline making it quick and intuitive.

Two recording types are available - scheduled or by pre- or post-event. The different alarms makes the recording simple and adaptable to any customer request.  Additionally the "Referenced recording days" is automatically calculated by frame rate, image quality and HDD capacity. The recordings can be downloaded directly to the PC through the browser or to a SD card** or USB memory stick**.

8 clients can monitor and control the WJ-NV300K/GJ simultaneously and some of them remotely through the new transcoding function.
The WJ-NV300K/GJ has up to 2 internal slots for HDD and the recording capability could be expanded up to 20 HDD slots by adding 2 optional WJ-HDE400 extension units with 9HDD slots each (being able to add Raid5/6 with the WJ-HDE400).

In addition to all the above features the WJ-NV300K/GJ is an ONVIF client device, conformance to ONVIF Profile S.


* Three Additional Camera Kits WJ-NVE30 are necessary

** Slots for SD Card and USB memory stick are included, not the SD card or the USB memory stick