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Panasonic HDD Screening Service

In recent months, many of our valued customers faced possible risk of losing recorded data due to a surge in defect rate for hard disk drive (HDD) within the first year of usage. These customers include large financial institutions and logistic companies. This risk is further multiplied when more HDDs are required in one security system as image quality is directly linked to data size. To resolve this issue, Panasonic came up with the HDD screening service so that our customers can purchase screened HDD from us to get an extra level of assurance.


HDD screening is a thoughtful service by Panasonic to help our customers lower the risk of data loss. At Panasonic, we believe that a good security system is made up of two components - product excellence and system reliability. Panasonic HDD screening service aims to eliminate failure units so that the failure percentage can be down to less than 2% in the first year of usage.



For more information regarding Panasonic HDD screening service, please contact us or any Panasonic partners.