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Panasonic launches mobile network camera for transport

Panasonic has launched two rugged mobile network cameras for vehicles, designed for monitoring journeys on trains, buses and haulage.

The Full HD WV-SBV131M camera and HD WV-SBV111M camera produce high quality pictures even in low light conditions. This is achieved by using the High Light Compensation (HLC) and Adaptive Black Stretch (ABS) functions to correct dark areas and suppress the saturation of bright lights, such as car headlights. It means the cameras can maintain colour mode for longer and achieve crisp, clear, in-focus images, in all light conditions.

Gerard Figols, Product Marketing Manager for Panasonic Security Solutions, said, “These camera functions give a picture quality that is second to none in a range of outdoor conditions. The cameras are rugged and have the ability to withstand harsh outdoor environments, including high pressure washers when mounted on a vehicle. This durability along with the reliable and variable picture quality makes the cameras perfect for the transport industry.”

Designed specifically for outdoor operation, the cameras have an integrated shell body with a scratch resistant dome, a wide operating temperature range and the ability to withstand severe shock and vibration. Each is IP6K9K and IP66 rated to ensure maximum durability.

Each camera has an adjustable viewing angle meaning that it can monitor an area of 11m along the side of a bus, eliminating the blind spot. Alternatively it will monitor an area 20m behind the vehicle to provide reliable proof images, should there be an accident.

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