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In recent months, many of our valued customers faced possible risk of losing recorded data due to a surge in defect rate for hard disk drive (HDD) within the first year of usage. These customers include large financial institutions and logistic companies. This risk is further multiplied when more HDDs are required in one security system as image quality is directly linked to data size. To resolve this issue, Panasonic came up with the HDD screening service so that our customers can purchase screened HDD from us to get an extra level of assurance.



Panasonic finance program is a special option that is only available in Singapore and applicable to Panasonic network security system.


Have you ever felt the need for a new security system but were limited by budget constraint? Panasonic finance program is the solution for you as it is designed to benefit your business by offering a range of attractive yet flexible financing options. Not only can you refrain from investing huge amount of resources for the initial payment, you can opt for payment periods from 36-60 months.