• WV-SF342

High quality IP Dome Camera

Vandal Resistant Fixed Network Dome

  • SVGA quality images at up to 30 fps
  • Newly developed MOS sensor
  • Multiple H.264 and JPEG streams combined with Panasonic 'UniPhier' technology
  • Face Detection Technology ensures clear face images
  • Wide dynamic range and Adaptive Black Stretch (ABS)

The WV-SF342 is a fixed network dome, providing high quality images in a rugged, vandal resistant housing.

Fitted with a newly developed MOS sensor, the WV-SF342 delivers high quality images in SVGA quality and up to 30 ips. Multiple H.264 and VGA streams ensures real time recording and monitoring capability. The rugged, vandal resistant housing ensures the cameras can be installed in many applications.

The WV-SF342 is packed with features and will add another dimension to any IP surveillance system. Focus assist means the camera is simple to set up and focus and the Wide Dynamic and Adaptive Black Stretch technology ensures best possible picture, even in backlit conditions such as doorways and windows. Face detection technology ensures clear capture and also sends info to supported NVR for face recognition and VMD functions.


To download the SAE100 or SAE200 software for this product, please refer to the table below. Please ensure to check the model number against each firmware version to ensure that there are no compatibility issues.

For installation instructions, please click here.

Series/Product Firmware Version SAE100 SAE200
1 Series  - SF138/SW158 1.05 or later N/A Download
1 Series - Others 1.05 or later Download N/A
3 Series - SW395/SW396/SW395A/SW396A
1.80 or later Download N/A
3 Series - SFN311L/SFN311/SFN310
1.80 or later Download Download
4 Series - SF438/SF448/SW458/SW458M 1.40 or later Download N/A
5 Series  - NP502/NW502S/SW598/SC588 1.40 or later Download N/A
5 Series - SPN531 1.40 or later Download Download
5 Series - Others 1.40 or later N/A Download
6 Series - SFN631L/SFN611L/
1.40 or later Download Download
6 Series - SPN631/SPN611
1.40 or later Download Download
4K Series -  SFV481/SFN480 1.11 or later N/A Download
Encoder - GXE100/GXE500   Download N/A