• Panasonic Security Viewer Ver.2.2.2

Panasonic Security Viewer Ver. 2.2.2

Panasonic Security Viewer Ver. 2.2.2 is an application that can view the images from i-PRO SmartHD Series Network Cameras, Network Disk Recorder (WJ-NV200/WJ-ND400/WJ-HD616/HD716).  By connecting a terminal to a 3G/4G or wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), it is possible to view live images from cameras registered on the recorder and recorded images stored on recorders.

The Panasonic Security Viewer app includes the ability to search by date and time, fast playback and fast reverse playback, while a “Play Recent” feature, quickly replays the last 30-seconds of video.

Features of the application

Network disk recorder

  • Live image: Live images from the network cameras connected to the recorder
  • Playing back recorded images: To play back the images stored on the recorder
  • Time & date search: To search the images to play back based on the time & date

Network camera

  • Network camera control *1
    (Resolution switchover, focus, panning/tilting, zoom, preset position switchover)

*1 Depends on the network camera functions.

The free app is now available in Android and iOS for both smartphone and tablet.

Download the application from here.

 iOS Version
 Android Version