Technology for a better working world

From world-class broadcast equipment to interactive displays; and from cutting-edge voice systems to fully ruggedized PCs and tablets; we support organisations of all sizes across the globe with solutions that are as special as the professionals working with them.



Business that makes things easy for you

Panasonic's aim is to improve people's lives – and we pride ourselves in applying this goal to improving the working lives of our customers. That commitment extends to the service we provide, with an ongoing objective to make working with Panasonic as easy and rewarding as possible.


Business committed to technical excellence

Product quality is something on which we never compromise. Our manufacturing standards are impeccable – whether we manufacture every component ourselves or work with a partner – and we reinvest 6% of our total revenue into R&D to ensure our innovation continues and evolves with your business.


Business built on pioneering spirit

With a heritage that stretches back almost 100 years, we have always demonstrated a passion for innovation. Never afraid to challenge convention, we've brought many notable ‘firsts' to the marketplace and consistently rank in the top five patent producers in the world.

Business that goes further to give you total solutions

Understanding your business and the challenges you face is a priority for us. Listening to our customers allows us to create an ‘eco-system' of products and accessories that integrate to provide the solutions you need to drive efficiency and productivity every day. Whether you're looking for small business solutions or major global roll-outs, we have the experience, expertise and experts to support you all the way.