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An example project

Bringing our solutions to life

No two solutions are the same. Every project we undertake has its own challenges, objectives, opportunities and outcomes. But, to give you a flavour of the type of support we can offer you, here we outline an example large-scale security solution for a European sports stadium.


Discussion and briefing

The process begins by discussing the objectives and scope of the project with the customer. This leads to the creation of a project brief.


Site survey

The next step is a survey of the site, carried by our technical, logistics, operational, and health and safety teams. This is carried out in conjunction with other suppliers, such as the perimeter fence contractor, helping to identify any cost-saving or task-sharing opportunities.


Technical solutions and testing

Next we look at lessons learned from previous projects to inform the design of our security solution. What technical changes or adaptations are necessary to make our technology fit-for-purpose? How can we maximize the efficiency of the manufacturing process? This then informs how we go about packaging, shipping and deploying the solution.



As sustainability is a core principle of Panasonic’s work, we always look at how the solution can be delivered with minimal environmental impact. Every link in the supply chain is subject to this scrutiny.


Configuration, testing and asset tagging

To ensure rapid deployment and seamless integration on the customer’s site, the full solution is assembled and tested in our own configuration facility. Every item is tested for quality and asset tagged and recorded, ready for its arrival on site. This also ensures we can confirm environmentally friendly disposal of the item at the end of its lifecycle.



Professional training is carried out with the customer’s teams, meaning they are ready to get started as soon as the solution is deployed.


Onsite installation and testing

Just as we carry out rigorous testing at our configuration centre, we also manage the installation and testing of the full solution on arrival at the customer’s site.


Service during use

We place a rapid-response team on call to be ready to tackle any issues that the customer experiences when the solution is in use. When events were being held in the stadium, our service teams are on site to react without delay.


Return and disposal

Once any part of the solution reaches the end of its lifecycle, it’s returned to Panasonic for responsible disposal, completely an entire end-to-end project.