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Document scanner solutions for finance

  • Be more productive while going green

    Does it seem like the amount of information you handle, such as application forms, cheques and bills, just keeps growing? Panasonic scanners will quickly turn these documents into data and automatically organise them for you. Converting information into data saves the hassle of searching through paper documents, and makes it easy to share information via computers or email. Reducing the number of paper documents also cuts storage space needs and saves natural resources.

    Handle documents with care

    Our scanners feature unique "ToughFeed" transport technology. Important client documents are protected against tearing or crumpling by a sensor which controls misfeeds. This prevents rough handling of sensitive documents during the scanning process.

  • Intelligent and efficient scanning

    The scanner automatically detects which way the document is facing and corrects it after scanning. It can also automatically divide a document in half for scanning, to reduce time and work in image processing. It comes with software that simplifies complicated scanning processes, and greatly helps routine office chores like filing.

    Accurate "ToughFeed" transport

    Original "ToughFeed" transport technology detects stapled documents and stops the scanning process to protect the pages from damage. Ultrasonic sensors detect double feeding and halt the process to prevent the possibility of missing pages while scanning. And roller pressure is controlled to match paper thickness, for gentle scanning of important documents.

  • Compatible with various documents and sizes

    Panasonic document scanners can handle a variety of document types all together, such as cards with irregular surfaces and paper ranging from thin to thick sheets. Documents of various sizes can be scanned one after the other, greatly improving work efficiency. The scanner can also scan data from documents up to 100” in length, so you can scan long documents like electrocardiograms. The optional flatbed scanner will scan files and books directly.

    Intelligent Image Processing

    Panasonic document scanners automatically adjust their density to produce scanned data with accurate text even from documents such as forms and vouchers that have coloured or dense backgrounds, which are difficult to read with an OCR. They are also equipped with versatile image processing functions like data generation for automatic image orientation, automatic cropping, skew correction, and punch-hole deletion.