Point of sale services for retail

  • Point of Sale at its very best

    Minimise the waiting time for your customers and build a new, appealing, queue-free shopping experience. Panasonic provides a wide range of technologies which enhances the quality of service to your customers.

    POS systems

    Our Electronic POS solutions provide an easy-to-use and manage platform, with the lowest failure rates in market. So you never need to worry about the availability of the technology and can focus instead on your customers. Whether you it’s a standalone pedestal, an all-in-one POS station or a machine that’s built into your counter, we’ll take care of it, leaving your staff to get on with sales. The tough construction helps to protect your investment in the technology, even if it’s cleaned daily.
  • POS systems with video integration

    Analysing the operations of your staff is easy. You can already see what’s being entered to your POS systems and when it’s entered. But imagine if you could see on screen where typing errors were made or the wrong goods were handed over. Or if you could analyse the gender and ages of your customers and what they buy. You could then use this information to alter the content of the POS screens based on this information to encourage suggestive selling.

    Enhance your services with our mobile devices

    In peak times it’s always difficult to handle customers quickly. The numbers of counters are limited. So why not equip your staff with technology that allows them to take orders or answer question on the shop floor? Our Toughbook and Toughpad tablets are the perfect tools to do just that. Built for the demands of retail, they can withstand drops and knocks, remaining operational at all times.