Projector and display solutions

  • Improve learning and add educational value

    Communication using large-scale images heightens the students' level of understanding and satisfaction, and helps to add value to learning programmes offered by universities, colleges, and other educational institutions. Based on this principle, Panasonic offers a wide line-up of projectors to match your installation location and type of use.

    Classroom and seminar room equipment

    Panasonic’s multimedia projectors are the perfect way to provide visual educational content to engage students in the learning process. But in classrooms it’s important to project sharp, clear images, even in bright rooms where image details can be less clear. Our “Daylight View” technology improves brightness perception. This produces crisper, more stunning images with vivid colours, even in bright conditions.

  • Depending on the size of the room, it isn’t always easy for every student to see or read details if they’re too small. For that reason, the projectors can be combined easily with displays or additional projectors, allowing everyone to see the content.

    To enrich lessons, our education projectors and displays are designed for interaction. For example, content can be shared to a tablet by wireless transmission from teacher or student. Equally, our Panaboard solutions mean screens become interactive whiteboards.

    Auditorium equipment

    In larger rooms, such as auditoriums, where you have a multifunctional room, a simple projection is lost. With our range of large venue projectors we can create new possibilities. Whether you teaching at the front of the auditorium, hosting a ceremony or delivering a multimedia lesson, our projectors can support your work more effectively than a simple projection.

    Another problem is that teachers don’t like to stay at their PCs or be constantly turning to the screen to see the content of their presentation whilst teaching. For that reason, you can install projectors or screens where the teachers can see them, allowing them to view the content of their presentation and focus on the students simultaneously.

  • Keep students informed with digital signage solutions

    More education institutes are realising the value of digital signage for students, teachers and administrators. Media-savvy students have grown up with sophisticated, large-screen media and respond well to its messaging. To catch and maintain their attention, you need digital graphics and video that captivate, engage and motivate students to take action.

    Panasonic provides the world-class hardware, software, installation and support to achieve your goals. With our network of best-in-breed products and services, we’re uniquely qualified to deliver greater efficiencies, true scalability and unmatched value for the planning, deployment and servicing of your school’s digital signage system.

    Panasonic digital signage solutions are ideal for:

    • Promoting upcoming events, shows and activities
    • Disseminating up-to-date, real-time information
    • Broadcasting emergency alerts and lockdowns
    • Welcoming visitors and guests
    • Displaying congratulatory messages
    • Generating third-party advertising revenue
  • System management

    Reduce management hassles with easy control and low-maintenance units. Because our projectors and displays are built for heavy usage, they’re also easy to maintain. A good example is the LED/Laser-combined light source which can operate for 20,000 hours without a lamp change. This means the projector can operate for 220 days per year, at an average of 10 hours per day, for more than nine years.

    The installation can be carried out cost efficiently over a standard LAN cabling, using Digital Link instead of an expensive HDMI or VGA cable. In addition to that, the distance between the projector and the source can be far greater than with traditional wiring. Most importantly, Digital Link isn’t exclusively compatible with Panasonic technology. Key providers of video distribution accessories are supporting this standard, such as Crestron, AMX or Extron.

    By using the unique multi-projector monitoring & control software that Panasonic supplies free of charge, you can easily consolidate the management of Panasonic projectors through a network. Turning off the power at night, and monitoring usage conditions are easily done to provide more efficient operation. It enables centralised management of projectors that are connected to a LAN, and increases operating efficiency by, for example, setting a timer to turn off the power of all projectors together at night. You can also set the projector to send e-mail alerts if a problem should occur.