• Plan your deliveries more quickly and effectively
  • Monitor the progress of orders throughout the whole process
  • Improve customer service through greater delivery choice
  • Reduce errors and call centre time and cost

The quality, accuracy and speed of your fulfilment processes is becoming an ever-more valuable differentiating factor for businesses involved in home deliveries. So being sure that you’re giving customers what they want, when they want it and how they want it – with minimal cost and effort – has become critical in the industry.

With the support of Panasonic’s HomeSmart order fulfilment solution, you can achieve all of these key goals.

Control every stage of the fulfilment process

By combining warehouse control, fulfilment methodologies and transport management tools, the HomeSmart system allows you to be in control of your deliveries, from initial order to arrival with the customer. When an order is placed – online or via a call centre – HomeSmart beings gathering and applying information from other systems, such as routing and scheduling, warehouse management, ERP and transport management, to ensure fulfilment is effective and efficient.
Because the solution gives you full visibility of the entire process, you can also manage customer expectations, when delays occur.

What HomeSmart gives you…

  • Delivery flexibility 
  • Vehicle utilisation optimisation
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Order status visibility