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Fassa Bortolo banks on strong helpers

The name Fassa Bortolo evokes connotations of the company's professional cycle racing team. But be-sides that, Fassa Bortolo also moves the Italian building material market: the company from Treviso ranks among the market leaders. Its product range comprises of lime, plaster, colours, floating floor screeds, construction glue and products for the renovation of wet masonry. In 2004, Fassa Bortolo earned a total turnover of 245 million Euros.

Fassa Bortolo was Italy's first company to deliver prefabricated plaster in large mobile silos and thereby guaranteed dry plaster of unchanged quality. Fassa Bortolo's technicians ensure the precise individual mixing ratio of plaster, colouring and water. Formerly, their instructions were handed over on paper but since 2002 the order processing is done electronically, due to Panasonic Toughbooks.

Even in case of very short-term changes in customers' preferences, the required information can easily be recalled via the GSM-/GPRS radio module integrated in the Toughbooks. "Formerly, our technicians received their daily schedule with all data in written form. Today, due to Toughbooks, we are able to change arrangements at short notice during the day," says Luigi Dal Gesso, responsible IT officer at Fassa Bortolo. Besides this new flexibility, Fassa Bortolo trust in the Toughbooks´ robustness as construction sites form harsh conditions for notebooks. As a "Full Ruggedized" device, the Toughbook CF-18 proved of value in these surroundings: it offers effective protection against drops, dust, water, vibrations and even extreme temperatures.

The perfect companion

Toughbooks are used in two more Fassa Bortolo company divisions: as a companion of the sales staff as well as in the logistics sector. Customer consultants appreciate the 2.1 kilogram light devices as an alternative to heavy and
unhandy brochures and catalogues which can hardly be kept up-to-date. Saved in Toughbooks, the whole Fassa Bortolo product range with all its specifications is always ready to be recalled. Any product information regarding quantities, colours, application ranges or prices is available at just one single key press and can be presented to existing or prospective customers according to their special demands. Via GSM-/GPRS-radio module these data always stay up-to-date - time-consuming updates via LAN network or data carriers are omitted.

Coping with any demands

In the logistics division, the forklift op-erators in the storage depots have the Toughbook CF-18 mounted on their vehicles and immediately post stock receipts and issues in the electronic management system. This is eased due to the CF-18's "convertible" 10.4" display that can quickly be changed from a classic notebook into a handy tablet PC and can be operated by the fingertip or via pen control. Its battery runtime of up to 8 hours and its resistance against
vibrations make the CF-18 perfect for the use on the fork lifts.

A notebook that you can always count on

"The hardware we used before had only a short-lived battery. Due to drops over 10% of the hardware broke down," says Luigi Dal Gesso. That is why Fassa Bortolo appreciates the reliability of the Toughbooks even more. "Today, our IT-staff has to deal with far less technical difficulties. All our expectations regarding durability and reliability were exceeded," states the IT officer. He first came to know Panasonic's ruggedized computers at an international fair for
information and communication technology. Shortly afterwards they were implemented at Fassa Bortolo. The acquisition of more CF-18 Toughbooks for Fassa Bortolo's sales force is projected.