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Hankyu Ferry Co., Ltd. (Japan)

- Monitoring aerovane motions on ferry boats for the safe docking
- Contribution to the safe docking of ferry boats through real-time monitoring using network cameras
Hankyu Ferry Co., Ltd. operates two sailing courses, both of which connects the following three ports: Kitakyushu (Shinmoji), Kobe, and Osaka (Izumiotsu). On board, you can enjoy a fine view bath, restaurants, karaoke, and games, all of which meet the wide range demand for a transportation that can also play a role of a hotel used in travels, business trips, and homecoming journeys.
They operate large-size ferry boats with less turbulence on their calm sailing courses of the Seto Inland Sea to provide their guests with comfortable voyages at any time. However, they seem to worry much more about their safety operation in windy days.

End user benefits 

Ferry boats are often subject to winds since their main bodies rise high above the ocean. Sometimes, depending on the wind direction and strength that change from moment to moment as well as the terrain of destination port, the staff has to judge whether to request a tugboat for the assistance of docking. Conventionally, the captain was communicating with the administrators at the port on the telephone, but thanks to the introduction of Panasonic network cameras that can capture the aerovane motions, the captain can now directly check the constant changes in the wind direction and velocity on the PC screen. That has achieved laborsaving with more precise judgment.
The reason why they introduced Panasonic network cameras is that they are gratified with the panning, tilting and zooming features as well as the speedy operations and satisfactory image qualities. For the improvement of safety and efficiency, they apply the monitoring features of our network cameras widely not only to assist the navigation but to monitor other operations such as the anchorage of other ships, cargo handling process, embarkation on the terminals, and traffic in the parking lots.