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The CF-18: The multi-tool that can stand up and take it

2-in-1 for flexible service

Armed with the Toughbook CF-18, Profectis technicians have an all-in-one classic notebook and tablet PC that can hold up under even the most brutal conditions. Thanks to the screen's swivel turning action, it can be easily snapped into
the ideal position with the flip of a wrist. And it's the only convertible PC that's perfect in constantly changing environments-from warm laundry rooms with high humidity to cold dusty basements.

The solution: For pros, by pros

"When we still worked with standard notebooks in a travel case solution, the frequent breakdowns were a constant headache, not to mention the added weight. We needed a mobile solution that could stand up to every-day punishment
from our technicians, but that was also practical and easy to use.

The Toughbook CF-18 really fit the bill," says Dr. Ralf Weigl, Profectis Director of Sales and Marketing. The CF-18's light weight and robust construction have made the workday a lot easier. Technicians can easily hold the Toughbook in one hand and run it with the other. And the reflection-resistant TFT Touchscreen can be flipped over and easily operated with a pen or finger. Another huge advantage is the monitor's brightness display: With a luminous intensity as high as 500 cd, the screen can even be read under direct light. The specially sealed keyboard, monitor and external connection ports protect the computer from dust, water, and even harmful chemicals.

The shock resistant magnesium housing and specially mounted hard drive guarantee the highest all-around protection: Drop the CF-18 even from 3 feet and it'll keep going safe and sound.

Replacement parts just in time-thanks to the Toughbook

"The CF-18 has proven to be a very reliable partner for our service department," says Dr. Weigl. "Since we started using Toughbooks, hardware problems are no longer an issue, and we've said 'goodbye' to downtime for repairs." 

When it comes to requests for replacement parts, orders have to go through quickly. Now, technicians can order parts online from the home office and receive them the very next morning via overnight delivery. And because replacement part information and repair codes can be transmitted back online every evening, Profectis can take advantage of centralized billing and invoicing. 

The integrated, ultra-low-voltage processor uses Intel® Centrino® technology, and supports WLAN 802.11a/b/g standards-with rapid data transfer rates of up to 54 megabits. And for longer stretches out in the field, the service team can rely on a high performance battery with up to 8.5 hours of power. Which means that-thanks to the Toughbook-Profectis technicians can fix kaput washing machines and on-the-fritz TV sets with high customer satisfaction.