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Off-grid Energy Solution

Delivering reliable power & cost savings for off-grid or remote businesses

  • Save money and reduce emissions
  • Benefit from reliable, uninterrupted power
  • A reliable and scalable off-grid solution

Looking for a cheaper off-grid energy solution?

Panasonic provides off-grid and hybrid energy solutions that supply electrical power to remote areas with no access to the grid, or to serve as back-up to an existing power source.  Our solutions can be deployed quickly on-site, and offer reliable, efficient, sophisticated power to businesses.

Our solutions are ideal for businesses with assets in areas that otherwise would have little or no access to the National Grid. Most companies with remote sites, such as GSM-R poles, currently employ diesel power generators which have high operating costs and maintenance. Panasonic’s hybrid energy systems supply all the power required at a lower cost and with an energy source your business can rely on.

Panasonic’s hybrid generators combine the very latest Lithium Ion battery technology with renewable energy sources to provide an off-grid power source that offers unrivalled efficiency in term of fuel usage, storage and cost. The combination of optimised generators and renewables will significantly reduce the diesel consumption and associated transportation and maintenance cost, and provide you with an OPEX saving of up to 80%.

What can Panasonic Hybrid Power System do for your business?

  • Reduce operating expenses with a high-performance hybrid power system
  • Makes site energy saving manageable, controllable and measurable
  • Lower your Operations and Maintenance (O&M) using real-time software tools that include remote management
  • Provide efficient, smart remote management and automatic fault location, including Diesel Generator and batteries
  • Provide a cleaner and quieter operating site

Panasonic Hybrid Power Solutions – Specific applications

  • Transportation - such as GSM-R poles along the rail network
  • Telecommunication base stations
  • Oil and Gas sites
  • Industrial or farming units

Our hybrid power solutions are designed to ensure maximum productivity from the solar and storage system and to minimise generator use. They are custom-manufactured and can be installed wherever you need power, there’s no need to worry about grid access, fuel deliveries or generator maintenance.