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  • Increase workforce efficiency, motivation and engagement
  • Improve customer retention and service
  • Uplift productivity for more profitable revenue streams

Want to gauge the mood or motivation of your staff in less than a minute? Would you like to gain instant customer satisfaction feedback, with minimum effort? Panasonic’s Pulse solution is the perfect answer, helping you and your business stay in touch with employees and customers – and understand precisely how they’re feeling.

The system interface is a wireless survey point that allows you to gather regular, specific feedback on the opinions and feelings of employees and customers. Located at appropriate points throughout your premises, these ‘pods’ ask regularly updated questions – ‘How do you rate the cafeteria food?’ for example – with the answer submitted by pushing one of four colour-coded emoticon buttons (dark green and smiley is very positive, deep red and frown very negative). 

So the process is quick, easy and fun – and you gather unparalleled amounts of feedback every day. 

Instant information for faster action

The results of each survey are gathered automatically at the end of each day or shift so results can be analysed instantly if required. This means that results can therefore be used to measure specific influencers on mood, such as the communication of positive or negative company news, a change in process, or even management style. With the data generated by Pulse, you can act quickly to resolve any potential issues or take advantage of swells in employee motivation.

For your managers and employee, too, Pulse offers benefits. With the help of the solution, managers have greater insight into the way people are feel, how they respond to different circumstances and what motivates them. Armed with this intelligence, they can be more effective in engaging staff, maximising their strengths and rewarding performance effectively.