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  • Take a close, complete view of assets within your business
  • Reduce the cost of lost or replacement equipment
  • Drive the efficient use of assets throughout all of your processes
  • Demonstrate and report visibility and controls to lower audit overheads

You may well have complex systems in place to manage business-critical assets, such as your IT suite or your vehicle fleets. But what about all of those other, often-ignored but high-value assets in your business? How do you track their use, state of repair, loss or retention?

With Panasonic’s web-based MediaTrak solution, it’s never been more straightforward.

Save costs and time

Whether it’s a roll cage, a container box, spare parts, pallets or even waste or scrap, MediaTrak can record the movement and location of each, accurately and easily, across multi-site operations. And that means huge savings for you in terms of the cost of replacing lost or unrecovered assets, and the hours it can take to track down the items.

The way MediaTrak works is simple. Media and assets – both inbound and outbound – are scanned using a barcode (it could be unique or generic). By tracking the movement of these scans from the source station, through transit and then to the destination point, the system uses Bluetooth beacon technology to pinpoint and report where any particular asset is, at any given moment.

MediaTrak’s reporting functionality can be used to generate reports based on asset type, how long an asset has been ‘booked out’ or scanning station. Along with making it easy to trace assets that need to be returned, the solution can also manage and flags assets that have a specific ‘end-of-life’ date, such as spare parts that are due for replacement.