• TH-42BT300

    1080p Full HD
    3D Plasma Monitors


3D compatibility - TH-42BT300


Four 3D Image Inputs Supported

The BT300 Series is compatible with Frame Packing, Simultaneous, Side-by-Side and Top-and-Bottom methods.

New Function Boards Support Simultaneous 3D Image Input

3D-Compatible Dual HD-SDI Terminal Board:
Provides easy interface to professional video 3D sources.

3D-Compatible Dual DVI-D Terminal Board:
Allows for direct connection to workstations running 3D applications.

3D Image Production Supported by the 3D Viewing Mode

The 3D images are separated and displayed as right and left images.

Clear 3D Images with Virtually No Double Images

Pursuit of even faster panel response in the BT300 Series plasma displays led to phosphor improvements and original lighting controls that deliver clear 3D images with virtually no double images (crosstalk).