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  • 29 sets of Panasonic laser projectors, PT-RZ670BE installed for Science Centre Singapore’s E3 Exhibition

29 sets of Panasonic laser projectors, PT-RZ670BE installed for Science Centre Singapore’s E3 Exhibition

E3 (E-mmersive Experiential Environments) is a permanent exhibition by Science Centre Singapore (SCS) that seamlessly blends and combines different virtual reality technologies to create a fully immersive experience. It aims to encourage exploration of undiscovered frontiers by “transporting” visitors to environments not easily accessible by the average Singaporean. The exhibits are namely:

  • Birdly®, a virtual reality rig that allows users to “soar” over cities like New York and San Francisco. This is the first time that Birdly is featured in a permanent exhibition in Asia
  • Deep Space, an immersive 3D theatre developed by ARS ELECTRONICA that “takes” visitors from Earth to the outer reaches of our universe
  • Wall Projections that “submerge” visitors underwater, where they can interact with elements within the projected scenery, such as marine animals.

Panasonic, being the technology partner of E3, is honoured to be one of the partners of this breathtaking exhibition, which is an excellent platform to showcase the alliance between science, technology and education. For Panasonic, this is by far the largest installation1 using PT-RZ670 in ASEAN region.

Why Choose Panasonic?

The overall E3 exhibition area is hexagonal, with projection height of 7.5m. Due to the tight space around the cube mountain structure (Deep Space), SCS needed projectors that are flexible enough to be orientated and at the same time be able to project high definition resolution. For contents such as virtual aquarium, high image quality is important, as well as reliability of the projectors since the exhibition is expected to last for at least 5 years.

Projection mapping for E3 requires 29 units of Panasonic full laser projector, PT-RZ670BE (1-Chip DLP, 6,500 ANSI lumen, WUXGA) and short throw lens, ET-DLE085. The installation uses a lot of overlapping in order to achieve a 70m long projection canvas at a height of 7.5m, excluding a 7m x 7m x 7m high cube mountain projection mapping. The digital wall canvas is done with an optimised vertical resolution of 1920 pixels, deploying the projector at a portrait format. This provides an up-close viewing experience of just 2.5mm per pixel. PT-RZ670 is Panasonic’s first full laser, 1-Chip DLP projector, with a brightness of 6500 lumen. It boosts 20,000 hours2 of maintenance-free operation and long-lasting picture quality, which fits the requirement of E3. Its seamless projection onto irregular-shaped screens makes exhibits come alive.


Equipment installed

RZ670BE x 29 units

6,500 lumen, 1-Chip DLP™ WUXGA, laser


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[1] As of 11 December 2015

[2] Depending on usage environment