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Cathedral of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) in Munich


Cutting-edge Visual Solution supports to share the stunning view of magnificence.

The Cathedral of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) is a landmark in the city of Munich. The late-Gothic brick edifice dazzles visitors and inspires solemnity. Panasonic’s visual solution makes church services and ceremonies more engaging without compromising solemn dignity.

The Symbol of the city of Munich, defining the city's silhouette

Located in Munich’s Old Town, construction of the cathedral began in 1468. In World War II, the cathedral was very heavily damaged by air strikes, but was later rebuilt and renovated in several construction phases. Its impressive domed twin towers can be seen from miles around. And in the entrance of this imposing late-Gothic interior you will be overwhelmed by the elegance of the nave, with its 22 octagonal white columns. One of the most renowned cathedrals in Southern Germany, it provides mass for many devoted followers. This ceremonious and highly traditional cathedral has been under the care of generations of prestigious Cardinal Archbishops.

The challenge: Installation without compromising beauty and dignity

Over the years, the cathedral had been bothered by the problem that the chancel and altar could not be seen from the aisles due to the huge columns that form the expansive nave. The cathedral planned to install large-screen systems so that ceremonies could also be seen from the aisles, but it encountered five big challenges:

  • The latest visual devices definitely don’t suit the late-Gothic cathedral.
  • Because of the cathedral’s structure, exchanging lamps and conducting maintenance require difficult work in extreme heights.
  • Device shutdowns during important ceremonies such as mass cannot be allowed.
  • The projection must be a high-quality rear projection system for daylight use.
  • The projectors and the rear projection screens must be electrically tilted and moved into storage boxes, when not being used.

To overcome those problems, the company in charge of AV design and consulting, Müller-BBM GmbH, the company in charge of general construction consulting, Dobler Consult, and the company in charge of management and operation, VETH e.K., decided to adapt the original screen storage system and to expand it with a newly designed electric storage system for two Panasonic PT-DZ21K projectors.

The Solution: Superb performance and high reliability in a compact body

The newly-developed storage systems are installed on both windows of the aisle at a height of 8 meters without compromising the interior.

With three axes turning mechanically on the lift arm, the projectors slowly turn, tilt and move into the electrically opened storage boxes behind columns. Panasonic PT-DZ21K 3-Chip DLP™ projectors are then introduced to these special storage systems. Their compact and lightweight body and high level of reliability fit perfectly with their special installation in high places.

The use of Panasonic PT-DZ21K 3-Chip DLP™ projectors ensured high brightness and high picture quality even for masses that are performed in Munich’s bright summer evenings.

The decision for daylight rear projection with a custom-made flexible screen material and PT-DZ21K projectors has proven very successful. Even under full sunlight through the magnificent church windows a high-contrast image can be displayed.

Also, to prevent the projection of church services and ceremonies from being interrupted, it is essential that maintenance can be performed at suitable times.

Panasonic’s Early Warning Software (ET-SWA100F) monitors the status of projectors connected to an intranet and informs you when an abnormality is detected or predicted, and when there are symptoms of trouble. This allows efficient maintenance plans to be established to minimize the burden of maintenance in high places.

Early Warning Software also has a client function that makes it possible to check the projectors’ status from a PC or a tablet without having to physically go to the monitoring server. And a web browser control screen can be linked from Early Warning Software to control each projector remotely. The ability to constantly monitor and control the system supports reliable operation.

The video system is based on the HD-SDI broadcast standard, so signals can be interconnected anytime with broadcast trucks, often recording larger ceremonies and events. The image is also compatible for HD in-house archiving and Internet streaming.

In addition to close-up and medium shot cameras, a Panasonic AK-HC1800 with a Panasonic AW-PH400 pan/tilt head is used for long shots (over 70 meters) from the organ gallery. The system is operated from a control room in the basement, where the Panasonic AV-HS450 production switcher is used with a special custom-made control surface.

Delivering vivid images with inspirational messages

Visitors are wrapped in comfortable silence when stately ceremonies begin. The visitors can see the ceremonies from areas distant from the chancel, making it feel like they are participating in the ceremonies themselves.
The PT-DZ21K provides lifelike images that give the sensation of being right inside the chancel, thus helping to deliver inspirational messages.



3-Chip DLP™ projector
PT-DZ21K x 2 units
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