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Changi Experience Studio: Panasonic laser projectors deliver an immersive and interactive experience at Garden of Harmony and Raffle Arena

Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific (PSSAP) has supported Changi Airport Group as a “Projection Partner” in their latest attraction at Changi Experience Studio, Changi Jewel.

Illuminated by Panasonic projections, attraction visitors will enjoy an immersive interactive experience at Garden of Harmony, one of the 20 touchpoints at Changi Experience Studio.


Watch the Garden of Harmony case study below.


55 units of PT-RZ770 (Laser 1-Chip DLP™, 7000 lumens) was installed at Gardens of Harmony along with 22 units of Panasonic’s space player PT-JX200 (1­Chip DLP™ 2000 lumens) that can project from any angle, to illuminate more than 15 interactive petals as part of the forest design.


Watch the Raffle Arena case study below.


In the Raffle Arena section, we created an interactive experience using 2 units of PT-RQ13K (World’s lightest 4K 3-Chip DLP Laser Projector*) and 2 units of ET-D75LE95 (the World's Shortest Throw 3-Chip DLP™ Projector Lens) to achieve the perfect result in an enclosed space.  

*Weight and size claim are accurate as of November 2015.




Equipment Installed

PT-RQ13K with ET-D75LE95 x 2 units
10,000 lm, 4K Laser Projector, 3-Chip DLP™



PT-RZ970 with ET-DLE030 x 10 units
9,400 lm, Solid Shine Laser Projector, 1-Chip DLP™



PT-RZ770 with ET-DLE150 & ET-DLE170 x 55 units
7,200 lm, Solid Shine laser projector, 1-Chip DLP™


PT-JX200 x 22 units
2,000 lm, Solid Shine Laser Space Player Projector, 1-Chip DLP™


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