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More than 150 Panasonic Plasma displays installed in a retail network

GECO, an operator of extensive newsstand-tobacconist retail network, approached GLANCE MEDIA in 2009. GECO was planning a complete redesign of its retail shops, focusing on maximizing shelf space while maintaining its in-store marketing facilities, which are extensively used by GECO’s partners for the POS (Point-Of-Sale) advertising. Existing solutions based on combination of CLV (Citilight) displays, leaflets and stands were deemed unsuitable and there was intent to aggregate all advertising into single modern medium that would provide higher comfort to all concerned.

From late 2009 until early 2012 negotiations about the choice of best media were under way, as this would become a strategic in-store communication and information platform as well as physical replacement for existing CLV’s, while providing easier management and administration of the medium. Story Design, company commissioned by GECO to redesign the stores, suggested a new original Digilight design, which blended into the new store interior perfectly. Having considered other options, GECO chose this solution, as it met their expectations of better impact of POS marketing communication. Apart from higher flexibility, Digilight also allows use of video content. This solution therefore offers appropriate replacement of CLV displays in existing stores and it simplifies management, control and lowers operating costs at the same time. GLANCE MEDIA’s task was to design entire system so that its services could be operated in synergy with a server base that was already installed at GECO.

Choosing Panasonic professional panels

Support of remote management and diagnostics played a key role in choosing an appropriate display technology, as this was necessary for rapid and successful project execution. It allowed GLANCE MEDIA to design a new method of “remote deployment support”, which allowed assembly of Digilights without presence of IT experts on location.

For these reasons as well as number of other features the Panasonic TH-60PF50E professional 60" plasma displays were chosen by GLANCE MEDIA.

Panasonic professional plasma displays offer excellent picture quality with extensive adjustment options (such as Super Cinema Mode for faithful colour reproduction in professional environments) and number of unique functions (Portrait Zoom, Weekly Command Timer, Dual Picture Mode, Digital Zoom, Built-in video wall image enlarger etc.). These features allow perfect control of output quality—which needs to be absolutely precise for advertising messaging. An important aspect with respect to ROI was panel durability and lifespan of over 100 000 hours, low power consumption, 3D Full HD readiness, technical variability and flexibility of use (thanks to upgrade slots) and last but not least durable design, perfect for public installations.

Entire implementation was complete in only one month. 150 Panasonic professional display-equipped Digitlights were installed across Czech Republic during September 2012. All installations were done exclusively by store interior remodelling specialists. Digilight racks were configured remotely including software updates and initial upload of advertising content. Trial period with operational testing was carried out between October and December along with installation in remaining stores. As of January 2013 all 173 planned Digilights were fully operational in 167 store locations in supermarket chains Albert-Hypernova, Kaufland, Globus, Tesco, many larger malls and shopping centres (Prague, Brno, Ostrava).


Strenuous preparatory stage allowed fast implementation and optimization of investment expense. Panasonic panels allowed use of remote installation support solution significantly cutting time and costs including specialist labour requirements. This also allows remote administration of content and monitoring, including fast service response times (repairs, power outage) and immediate change of display content. Each Digilight can have individual content and can be easily administered using web interface as customer demands. Combination of modern materials including all-metal frame, brushed stainless steel, safety glass and RGB LED diodes with 110 colour variations is praised as it allows colour variability of the frame required by customer.

One of the immediate benefits is reduction of operating costs (compared to universal Citilights) as manual content replacement has been eliminated. Another long term cost reduction will come from reduced power consumption of the new media. Process-controlled remote operations and service support together with on-line monitoring of all system (HW/SW) components are minimizing potential loss of revenue during display downtime. There is no risk of image “freezing” as operator is immediately informed in case of any image discrepancies or display failure. If such situation occurs, operators are able to immediately determine source of problems and condition of the display unit. Premium display quality and Full HD (16 Mbps) technology provides opportunity for growth of display ad revenue as it allows to offer new ad formats.

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