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Singapore Flyer, Time Capsule – Installation of Projector and Security Solutions at Asia’s largest observation wheel

Date - 20 April 2021
Client - Singapore Flyer, Time Capsule
Location - 30 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039803


Create a new entertainment and education attraction at Singapore Flyer that provides exciting and immersive content and surveillance.

45 Panasonic DLP laser projectors, WV-X4571L and WV-S2131L were installed without compromising on the attraction’s aesthetic and environment.

Attraction “Time Capsule”
Spanning two levels of the Singapore Flyer, the Time Capsule is a multi-sensory attraction of Singapore's rich history, heritage, culture, and landscape.

The objective of this attraction is for visitors to enjoy a multi-sensory and immersive experience with the use of projection mapping solutions.

Technical solution
The attraction is fitted with 37 DLP laser projectors and short-throw lenses, which deliver images of the utmost quality. The lenses enable focused images to be created throughout a wide range of distances.

To further complement the attraction, 6 PT-JX200B space player DLP laser projectors were installed to enrich the environment through hybrid illumination and quality image projection. A perfect fit for its surroundings due to its design, the space-player was ideally placed to light up the environment and capture the visitor’s attention.

Security solution
Completing the attraction, our surveillance solution, WV-X4571L and WV-S2131L, with people-counting technology facilitates crowd control measures as visitors immerse in themselves in the history of Singapore

Case study video
Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific is the official projection partner for Time Capsule.

Watch the case study below to learn how we have helped to deliver the complete visitor experience and more.