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Hexogon Solution Makes Major Investment in Panasonic 30,000 Lumens 4K Laser Projectors

The purchase makes Hexogon the largest owner globally of the PT-RQ35K Panasonic projectors by a rental and staging company.

William Chan, Deputy Managing Director, Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific (Left side of the picture) and Mr. Adrian Goh, Group Managing Director, Hexogon Solution Pte Ltd (Right side of the picture)

14th January 2021 - Hexogon Solution, one of the largest rental and staging companies in Asia, recently took delivery of the Panasonic PT-RQ35K laser-based projectors. This makes Hexogon Solution the first company in Asia to have these projectors in their inventory with the added recognition of holding the most extensive inventory of the projectors globally by a rental company.

The purchase of the Panasonic PT-RQ35K projectors are part of Hexogon Solution’s long term strategy. “We are looking to transit from our lamp-based projectors to laser-based, and this is our first step towards that transition. Currently we have a range of 20,000 to 45,000 lumens projectors in our inventory with the majority being the 20,000 lumens. From the business aspect, we wanted to strategically move to have more 30,000 lumens 4K projectors in our inventory,” says Adrian Goh, Group Managing Director, Hexogon Solution Pte Ltd.

The Panasonic PT-RQ35K was only launched in early December 2020 and is the World’s smallest and lightest 30,000 lumens 3-chip DLPTM 4K projector*. Other than the compact size, the projector offers high brightness and spellbinding image quality with its combination of two blue and one red laser. The PT-RQ35K airflow path, cooling system, and finless radiator reinforce reliability, and the Dynamic Digital Control regulates red laser output and cooling for consistent image quality.

The choice of purchasing the PT-RQ35K was only committed after a shoot-out with a few other renowned projector brands. “Our past eight years of experience using projection technology has taught us quite a bit,” comments Adrian. “We had a check-list of requirements that we needed to tick off for our transition to laser-based projectors. Other than laser-based, high brightness and vivid colours, we were  looking for a  compact and lightweight projector. The projectors are normally shipped across to our different offices and events within Asia quite frequently, and it helps keep shipping costs down. Another key aspect is that we wanted projectors with a good track record of reliability in adapting to Southeast Asia’s hot and high humidity environment. The projectors should also be able to withstand the salt-laden environment as Singapore is a coastal country. I am glad to say that our experience with Panasonic projectors over the last two years has been very  reliable with no issues and we expect the same from the PT-RQ35K.”

Adrian adds, “The bonus aspect that the lens from the existing models are interchangeable and can be used in this new projector even with a 4K resolution output is extremely beneficial.”

William Chan, Deputy Managing Director, Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific, comments, "We collaborated with Hexogon from the commercial to engineering aspects of the PT-RQ35K as we wanted to ensure total satisfaction. We are pleased that we are able to play our part in their transition to laser-based technology.”

Adrian says, “We are thrilled with this purchase as this will further boost our inventory to handle projects in our various offices. I am happy to report that the PT-RQ35K projectors were recently deployed for an event and we look forward to its deployment at more events. This purchase is part of our very aggressive 5-years plan for ‘Lamp-to-Laser’ transition of our projector fleet. It also aligns with our plan to manage the largest and most reliable and technologically advanced projection system in the region. Though the pandemic had slowed down the process of our growth plan, we strongly believe that we must look at the bigger picture while cautiously moving and planning. Hexogon will continue to invest and ensure that we meet our goals as designed.”

William Chan, Deputy Managing Director, Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific (Left side of the picture) and Mr. Adrian Goh, Group Managing Director, Hexogon Solution Pte Ltd (Right side of the picture)


Panasonic PT-RQ35K Key Features:

    • The Panasonic PT-RQ35K due to its lightweight body only requires two personnel to install the projector. Due to its small footprint, it can be installed in areas with limited space.
      The Smart Projector Control app available for iOS and Android devices can be used to adjust and control up to 64 projectors individually or simultaneously from anywhere within the wireless network range. Users can connect the projector to the wireless network by using the app without manually entering SSID and password by merely scanning a QR Code displayed on the projector’s Information Monitor.

    • To improve productivity, the projectors can be paired with a smartphone via NFC when the projector is off and disconnected from AC power by touching the device against the projector’s NFC touchpoint. Users can adjust selected projector settings using Smart Projector Control app, such as Projector ID and IP address while waiting for power to be connected and set up. Fleets of projectors can be prepped for immediate network connection and setup when power rolls out on the installation site, saving time and resources.

    • Another useful feature is the Remote Preview. Remote Preview lets projectionists confirm video-signal integrity by viewing the input signal’s thumbnails on a laptop prior to projection. Accessed via software or web browser, Remote Preview works with the projector in Standby or with the shutter on. It’s useful at concerts where opportunities to check content on screen are limited due to stage traffic and other logistical factors. Remote Preview reduces the chance of errors before the performance, and if an error is detected, helps narrow down the possible cause to the signal.

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    *Based on publicly available dimensions and weight for 3-Chip DLP™ 4K laser projectors with 26,000–35,000 lm brightness as of December 2020. PT-RQ35K Series has 30,500 lm (measurement, measuring conditions, and notation method all compliant with ISO/IEC 21118: 2020 international standards, the average value of all products when shipped).


    About Hexogon Solution Pte Ltd

    Hexogon Solution specialises in Audio-visual, Lighting and Multimedia Show Integration. The company is now the leading provider with one of the largest fleet of cutting edge high lumens digital projectors in the World; even setting a Guinness World Record in 2015 at the 28th SEA Games held in Singapore for The Greatest Light Output ever produced in a single surface, delivering a staggering brightness of 3.2 million lumens with 160 projectors. Hexogon Solution has a strong presence in the region with its headquarters in Singapore and offices in Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam. For more information visit: