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The use of Panasonic AV technology has brought the prisoners and guards back to the corridors, detention blocks and cells of Faengslet Prison Museum in Horsens, Denmark.

From tussles between prisoners on the gangways, to the clanging of heavy cell doors, to the distinct smell of cannabis drifting down the cell block, the Museum has so faithfully recreated the sights, sounds and smells of prison life that visitors feel the closure in 2006 never actually happened.

Central to the multi-sensory experience are the 56 Panasonic projectors, which help create shadows through the halls and the sight of heavy set prisoners in the toilet blocks.

The majority of these are Solid Shine™ laser projectors, including a total of 46 PT-RW330, 2 PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ475 projectors placed throughout the prison. Solid Shine projectors were chosen due to impressive brightness and contrast levels but also because of the no maintenance concept which means they will run for up to seven years without the need for filter or light source replacement.

Many are hidden within cupboards and placed vertically above doors, which is made possible by the laser light source optical engine. Panasonic laser projectors can be rotated 360 degrees for installation at any angle and emit virtually no heat, allowing various unique and smart applications.

"We wanted to create exhibits that weren't intrusive, so that it's not obvious to visitors where the content is coming from," said Mads Havemann, Exhibition Designer, Kvorning Design & Communication. "To achieve this it was important that we could mount the projectors discreetly. The Panasonic Laser/LED projectors have coped with any mounting position we chose and, because they emit little heat and are virtually silent, they have helped maintain the atmosphere, even in confined spaces such as the cells."

The exhibitions were designed by Kvorning Design & Communication and integrated by AV-Huset.

Lasse Werner, Key Account Manager at AV-Huset, said, "Of particular benefit to the museum is the fit and forget nature of the Panasonic Solid Shine™ projectors. There is no full time technical support on-site, so it's great to be able to fit projectors that we know will last for up to seven years without the need for maintenance."