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Panasonic has hosted the first European Heritage Forum on the connected digital future at the Tower of London.

The forum, on Monday 12 October 2015, presented the museum and heritage sector with the chance to discuss the future of internet and social media, and how to develop solutions that incorporate these in to exhibition spaces.

Some of the biggest names in European heritage were represented at the forum, including the British Museum, Science Museum, Imperial War Museum, Vatican Museum, National Trust, National History Museum, National Gallery, National Museum of Scotland and the National Museum of Wales. In total, those attending attract approximately 68 million visitors every year.

The event began with a presentation by MACOM on the connected digital future followed by delegate presentations, where experiences, challenges and solutions were put forward. The day concluded with open discussions and a summary from Panasonic.

John Hardy, Business Development Director of the European Solutions Centre, said, “The Forum generated some great discussion and helped us to understand better many of the common challenges and opportunities within the industry.

“This is a very important business sector for us globally and this event allows us to get close to the problems and challenges the heritage sector face today and how they see these challenges evolving in the future, specifically in relation to fully connected digital environment. This in turn allows us to understand where to focus our technological resource to create the best solutions to overcome these challenges.

It was very clear that analytics and visitor experience was a major focus of the discussion and finding ways of providing useful, easy to use data from integrated systems will be high on the future agenda”

The next event is anticipated to take place in May 2016.