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Range of Professional Panasonic Display Solutions for Businesses

The freedom to stand out

With crystal clear images and robust design, our Professional Displays make it possible

Panasonic Professional Displays deliver crystal clear images with unrivalled brightness and clarity, from standard-sized flat screens to video walls. With the flexibility to deliver your message indoors and outdoors and interact with your audience, no matter what the surroundings or conditions.


Technology you can trust to get you noticed

We’ve developed a wide range of professional displays from 43” to 98” for applications including digital signage, rental & staging, education and corporate environments. They’re well designed and well built, with unique technologies made for intensive operation and outstanding performance even in the most challenging environments.

Our energy-efficient technology gives you the freedom to display your message far and wide. We use LED backlighting and IPS Panels to provide high impact, pin-sharp images in all locations. Our digital signage can be viewed from both sides, even in bright places. Our High Definition displays allow wide viewing angles with thin bezels to ensure maximum exposure. And because brightness levels can be adjusted during installation, our displays can be used in any light conditions in venues as varied as train stations, airports, banks, shops and offices. Even our largest format in HD or 4K displays are slimline and light enough to be sited in virtually any location.


Displays with durability

With public displays, strength is essential. We put our technology through rigorous testing to withstand both extreme weather and anti-social behaviour: from visibility testing with bright light conditions to resistance to water. We even test the toughness of our 4K screens by hurling an iron ball at them…


Why just be seen when you can interact?

Our multi-touch professional LED displays offer simpler operation, more interactivity and a wide range of rich features providing new and exciting opportunities for education, retail or corporate uses. Combining intuitive touchscreen technology, fully interactive whiteboard functionality and cutting-edge wireless connectivity, they bring you and your colleagues closer together. Allowing you to collaborate more efficiently and productively than ever.