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Panasonic Indoor Displays for professional use

Bigger displays with fewer limits

More than ever, getting your message across means making an immediate visual impact. We offer a comprehensive range of high quality, professional indoor LED display solutions to help you stand out from the crowd in a wide range of locations. From retail stores and shopping centres to control rooms, hotel receptions and airports.

And for your peace of mind, Panasonic offers free monitoring software (Multi Monitoring & Control Software) so you can monitor and control up to 2048 devices over a LAN network from a single PC. This makes the control of multiple devices in a facility or store simpler, and allows content changes to be made via LAN.

Designed to be seen

With LED screen sizes from 32” to 84” our indoor displays give you more freedom to be seen. We offer wide viewing angles for high visibility, space-saving designs, and clever displays that can adapt to the lighting environment of their location. And because our display screens are lightweight, they can be safely and easily mounted in landscape, portrait or multi-screen formation in more places than ever.

Some of our screens also feature DIGITAL LINK, allowing the transmission of high-quality video, audio and control signals over long distances (up to 150m) with a single LAN cable.

Full HD for optimal clarity

All Panasonic Professional Displays feature 1080p full HD for excellent picture quality and a crisp, clear delivery of your message – especially vital in fast-moving interior public spaces. We also offer a wide array of inputs for easy system expansion, allowing you to mount a function board to suit your application.  Our screens feature a USB player, too, so you can operate dynamic signage without using a set box or a PC.

Look good for less. And for longer

Our reliable display range offers great energy-saving features to enable up to 24/7 operation whilst cutting your running costs – helping both the environment and your bottom line. Backlight power consumption is reduced by the ECO mode, which detects the ambient light level and controls the backlight accordingly. Our LED display panels strongly resist image retention to provide the durability essential for signage use, helping you get maximum use from your screens.

Plus, some of our screens are equipped with the failover/failback function. If the main video and audio signals are interrupted, the system immediately switches to alternative input signals. Once the main signals are restored, the original image is displayed again. This makes it ideal for mission-critical control rooms and surveillance centres.

And best of all, the professional quality of Panasonic digital signage solutions is something you can depend on – not just for reliability, but to keep the total cost of ownership of your installation low.

Discover how our indoor displays give you more ways to be seen. Read our case studies or explore our range of displays.