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  • Multi-Touch Display

Multi-touch Professional LED Displays for Businesses

Freedom to connect, create and share

Our multi-touch professional LED displays bring smarter, faster solutions for everyone using or interacting with visual technology in your business.

Panasonic’s interactive screens with whiteboard functionality are ideal for collaboration and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments and especially designed for classrooms, seminar rooms, meeting rooms, offices, lecture theatres and presentation rooms.

Intuitive and robust touch screens are also available to interact with your audience or visitors. They’re built for challenging environments like shops and stores and live entertainment venues.


Interactive collaboration displays with easy-to-share, easy-to-connect functions

Equipped with whiteboard software, the multi-touch displays bring practical functions to collaboration and learning, such as PowerPoint presentation mode, video and screen capture and desktop mode. For more interactive participation, up to 10 touch points mean that several people can write on them simultaneously.

Through restless innovation and tireless customer service all these advanced features enable your displays to interact quicker and more precisely, giving you the freedom to engage with any audience.