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Large Venue Projectors

A licence to think – and project – bigger

With some of the lightest, brightest, most technologically advanced and reliable large-venue video projectors, we give you the freedom to push creative boundaries. And the confidence your projector won’t let you – or your bold ideas – down.

Crisp and vivid projection for every location and industry

Our large venue projectors are high-lumen models, from 10,000 to up to 50,000 lumens of brightness, capable of displaying huge, vivid images for any type of content. They’re already making breath-taking AV displays possible in auditoriums, theatres, trade shows, concerts and large, challenging, outdoor venue locations across the world. They’ve also been used to successfully project stunning, high quality images on monuments and large buildings, creating some of the most engaging 3D projection mapping experiences.

With unequalled colour reproduction, excellent image resolution and image edge blending capabilities, we’re creating new possibilities in massive image projection using multiple projectors – like the impressive projection at the Circle of Light Festival in Moscow, where Panasonic helped in staging the world’s largest projected image using 137 high brightness projectors.

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Think it, project it, rely on it

Through our restless innovation Panasonic projectors are meeting the demands of the most creative minds. From our advanced laser range to our unique multi-lamp system which removes the risk of bulb failure – our technologies will feed your imagination.

Known as the most robust projectors with the highest reliability in the industry, Panasonic projectors are rigorously tested by our engineers. With insightful features such as a filter-less design on our most recent laser projector, they keep the overall cost of ownership down.

See the show, not the projector

Whether you wish to buy or rent a projector, our large venue projectors are some of the world’s smallest, designed to work behind the scenes and to free up extra space for your audiences. They’re also easier to manage and install on-site, requiring less manpower.

The biggest, brightest choice of laser projectors

No one offers a wider range of laser-illuminated projectors than Panasonic. All our laser projectors are designed so that big, bright, colourful images can be experienced – and remembered. Meanwhile, maintenance can be forgotten – thanks to longer life, less failure, low noise and no heat – with up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, guaranteed. Not just for the light source but the whole projector.

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And should you ever need service or advice, our customer service team will have local expertise on hand in a hurry. Giving you the freedom to create, while liberating you from the worry of reliability and cost.