• TH-75BQE1

    75" 4K Interactive Display

Robust touch screens designed for collaboration - TH-75BQE1

Interactive touch screens –flexible and reliable displays perfect for education and meeting rooms

  TH-65BFE1 TH-75BQE1
Screen Size 65- inch 75- inch
Brightness 400 cd/m² 400 cd/m²
LCD Panel VA Panel D-LED VA Panel D-LED
Resolution 1920x 1080 3480x 2160


  • Large screen interactive display
  • Multi-touch screen increases usability and participant involvement 
  • Available with a wide array of functions from Panasonic’s Whiteboard Software

Interactive touch screens designed for collaboration

Available in two sizes: the TH-65BFE1 at 65in is perfect as an interactive whiteboard in the classroom while the TH-75BQE1 is ideal for larger spaces. The interactive screens can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation, making for more flexible installation. Both screens come with a front-mounted speaker bar which can be heard clearly in the room.

Perfect clarity

The TH-75BQE1, with its 4K resolution, provides a perfectly clear picture ensuring every detail is visible , not only for the audience of a large room, but also when working directly on the screen. This clarity, combined with a 75in screen sizes, makes reading text easy even when displayed in larger classrooms and meeting spaces.

Built for practicality

The TH-65BFE1 and TH-75BQE1 are nothing if not reliable. Created with safety and ease of use in mind, the touch screens are perfect for use in schools and other education spaces. The screens are built with protection glass covered with a film to prevent scattering and they also come with a carrying handle to help you move them safely.

Cost-effective collaboration

The interactive touch screen functionality means the TH-65BFE1 and TH-75BQE1 are ideally suited for working together, whether that’s as an interactive whiteboard in the classroom or in the boardroom. Like the rest of the BF1 range, the screens feature the Panasonic Whiteboard Software, including a whiteboard mode, PowerPoint® presentation mode, as well as Video and Screen Capture functions

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