• TH-50BT300

    1080p Full HD
    3D Plasma Monitors


Display functions - TH-50BT300

Various Marker Functions

A variety of markers can be used when editing images. The BT300 Series has markers that can be used for both 16:9 and 4:3 modes. And multiple markers can be displayed simultaneously.

Aspect Marker

Confirm the angle of view with the 4:3, 13:9, 14:9, VISTA marker, and CNSCO marker.

Safe Area Marker (16:9/4:3)

Select the user area marker from 80% to 100% in 1% increments. During 16:9 mode, you can also layer and display the 4:3 area marker.

Center Marker (16:9/4:3)

The center marker can be displayed together with another marker. It can also be displayed together with the area marker.

Crosshatch Grid

Display a grid within the screen for easy horizontal and vertical alignment.

* Vertical lines are displayed as percieved on 3% of the screen width.

Gamma Settings

When used as a broadcast monitor, the standardized gamma characteristics can be reproduced.
Select from γ1.0,* γ2.2, γ2.35, γ2.4, and γ2.6.

* When 2K1K signals are received with the Dual Link HD-SDI Terminal Board or Dual HD-SDI Terminal Board for 3D, Gamma 1.0 cannot be selected.

Color Temperature Settings

Select from 9300K, D65, approx 6,100K, approx 5,600K, approx 3,200K (compatible with tungsten lighting for on-camera use) or 11300K.

Wave Form Monitor

This function displays the waveform for the brightness and color levels of input signals from other video devices, for easy monitoring.

HV Delay Display

This function delays the synchronisation signals for horizontal and vertical positioning to display the image blanking intervals.

Calibration — Blue Only Mode, Monochrome

A Blue-Only Mode, which is essential for monitor adjustment, is included. It allows the red and green signals to be cut, and displays only the blue signal as a monochrome image. This mode is used mainly for adjusting the color density (chroma) and color phase. By monitoring VTR noise, the signal level of each color can be accurately set.

R/G/B Cut off

The RGB Off mode is used to control RGB On/Off independently, which allows secondary colors to be checked.

PJLink™*1 — Compatible Network Function for Remote Control

This network function lets you operate displays by remote control and monitor their status through a LAN connection. Since it supports the "PJLink™*1 Class 1" industry standard, existing infrastructure can be used for effective plasma display operation.

You can also control the display from a web browser, making it even easier to use.

The network function also uses the same protocol as Panasonic projectors, so other video devices can be combined to upgrade the system.

*1: Unified standards for a telecommunications protocol for operating and managing multiple projectors.
• When using the network function, be sure to set "Control I/F Select" in "Network Setup" to "LAN."

SLOT2.0 Compatibility Enhances Expandability

The SLOT2.0 function slot greatly expands the display's range of applications. It also enables the addition of an optional HD-SDI or Dual Link HD-SDI function board.